We all can agree on the fact that nothing is more important than the safety and security of our loved ones. Crime rates are rising day by day, and if you open any news channel, they are filled with crimes happening every single day. One thing is for sure that no one can stay with his family all day long, everyone has a job, and everyone has to leave their homes. However, what about when you are not at home? This question can make anyone worry. Maybe someone from Xiaomi has thought all about this, and the brand is back to keep your home fully secure with Xiaomi Luke Smart Doorbell. This is not an ordinary doorbell that you can get from the market. The latest device comes packed with never before features including Face detection, Motion detection, AI function, and Anti-theft.

Xiaomi Luke Smart Doorbell

After you fill some information about your family or friends, when they are in front of the doorbell, it will send a message to tell you who stand there.

Keep security of you family first priority

The Xiaomi Luke Smart Doorbell is way different from the traditional cat eyes security system. First thing first, the device is straightforward to install, and you will not need a handyman for mounting the device. It comes with two parts, the camera with a button and the tablet that have to install inside your home. The first part of the camera needs to be mounted at the front door of your home. It also comes with a doorbell system and proximity sensor so if anyone presses the button or even stands at the front of the door you can see him/her from the tablet inside your home. The angle of view for the camera is 166 degrees, and it captures the image in 720p resolution.

Xiaomi Luke Smart Doorbell

Nobody could steal your doorbell, because it could auto-alarm.

The Xiaomi Luke Smart Doorbell also has face detection system just like your smartphone. Just fill up some information about your close family and friends, and whenever they come at your place, the device will inform you by sending a message at your smartphone. Most of the people get afraid when someone knocks at the door in the night time. Xioami engineers have also fixed this problem by upgrading the Xiaomi Luke Smart Doorbell with Night vision. The night vision of the device starts automatically whenever its senses low light, and starts displaying any move at the front door.

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Xiaomi Luke Smart Doorbell

When someone stands in front of the door ( within 3 meters ), this doorbell will take a video and send it to your phone Mijia APP.

What about when no one is at your home?

Xiaomi Luke Smart Doorbell

Theft is one of the most significant problems the urban population face when they left home with nobody inside. The Xiaomi Luke Smart Doorbell smartly copes with this problem. Now even if no one is at home, you will still have the full control of home security. You can integrate the Xiaomi Luke Smart Doorbell with Wi-Fi at your home, and when someone knocks at your door you will get a call via MiHome application, and you can directly talk to the person standing at your door. Moreover being a Mi ecosystem product the doorbell can also be linked with other Xioami products at your home.

After connecting it with Xiaomi speaker, when someone presses the doorbell, the AI speaker will alarm you, and you also could set more function: when someone knocks the door, the AI alarm.

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Xiaomi Luke Smart Doorbell Battery life

The Xiaomi Luke Smart Doorbell comes with built-in 8400mAh lithium-ion battery. Even with a dual HD 1024 * 600 resolution screen, the battery of the device is enough to stay with you for two months with a single recharge. The Xioami has also taken care of the emergency situation, and you just need to press the Home button for three seconds, and it will start the alarm system.

Xiaomi Luke Smart Doorbell

Where to buy Xiaomi Luke Smart Doorbell?

The Xiaomi Luke Smart Doorbell system is available at gearbest for just $263.93.

Source: https://www.xiaomitoday.com/xiaomi-luke-smart-doorbell/