The new Xiaomi’s flagship has been making a lot
of noise in recent weeks, since the first leaked photos, there have been
speculations of all kinds, and this includes the different versions in which
this phone will be available. The president of the company, Lin Bin, made some time ago a
publication in which he claimed that it would have a special version called Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer, and now the first
render of this device has been leaked showing something very peculiar; a
quadruple camera configuration.

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The first render of the
Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition

In this
render, the only thing we can appreciate is the back of the device, but it is
more than enough to give an idea of what is coming. It shows without a doubt
that it is a superior edition because unlike the Mi 9, which will have a triple camera configuration, this device
will come with 4 cameras. This makes
the Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer the first
Xiaomi mobile with a quad-camera configuration.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition

In the
render we can see that the four cameras
are located in the top right of the mobile, it is also observed that the last
sensor from bottom to top has a red ring around, indicating that this is
probably the primary sensor. All sensors are located in the same housing and
share an LED flash. This is just a
small revelation of what this phone will be, but something that stands out is
that the design is transparent and shows some internal elements, like the Mi 8 Explorer edition.

There is a possibility that this is a piece of plastic printed in 3D that covers the internal components of the phone. The render also shows that the volume button, as well as the power button, are located on the right side of the device. Taking into account its normal version, that is, the Mi 9, we can begin to speculate about the rest of the specifications that it might have, such as a button on the left side or a waterdrop notch on the screen. However, those are only speculations, so we would have to wait for more official information to come out.


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