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Xiaomi Mi 9

Lei Jun: Xiaomi Mi 9 customized protective case will not be sold

Today, Xiaomi announced that the Xiaomi Mi 9 will be released on February 20. The company also got UNICEF ambassador, Wang Yuan, to endorse the Mi 9. Xiaomi believes that the Mi 9 will be the most beautiful and strongest… Continue Reading →

A Xiaomi device is coming faster than we know, Xiaomi official hints

Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, is working on its first flagship for the year, Xiaomi Mi 9. So far, the company has succeeded in keeping the details of this smartphone but we know that it shares the same designer as the… Continue Reading →

Xiaomi Mi 9 certified in Singapore, hints at release outside of China

Xiaomi’s Mi 8 was one of the most affordable flagship phones in China that sadly did not come to many regions outside of China. However, that might not be the case with the Xiaomi Mi 9 as the handset has… Continue Reading →

Xiaomi Mi 9 Designed by Designer of Xiaomi Mi 6

Xiaomi’s next-gen annual flagship will be the Mi 9. People have begun paying more attention to this device after the Redmi brand’s separation from Xiaomi. And though there is no official statement concerning the look and features of it, we… Continue Reading →

Xiaomi official hints that Xiaomi Mi 9 will use a triple camera setup

Today, Xiaomi’s new media senior engineer Zou Longjun, took to Weibo to drop a huge hint that the Xiaomi Mi 9 will come with a triple camera setup. He said, “the Mi 9 is very good and worth having”. He added,… Continue Reading →

Another image of Xiaomi Mi 9 appears online

Xiaomi will release the Xiaomi Mi 9 flagship mobile phone in the first half of this year. In recent times, Xiaomi’s Product Director, Wang Teng has been dropping clues to what the Xiaomi Mi 9 will look like. Recently, we… Continue Reading →

Alleged Xiaomi Mi 9 Shown in a Spy Photo

A few hours ago, Wang Teng, Xiaomi’s Product Director released a photo showcasing the alleged Xiaomi Mi 9. But it was quickly deleted. However, there were some nimble users managed to save it. As shown in the photo below, the… Continue Reading →

No Official Information About Xiaomi Mi 9 Yet, But…

Every smartphone maker has at least one model that embodies the company’s philosophy, showcases its intentions in the market, and is designed to struggle against other brands. It’s called ‘the annual flagship’. As for Xiaomi, it’s the traditional Mi series… Continue Reading →

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