Get this awesome XK K130: Highlights
Special Design The all-metal CNC rotor head and flybarless design provide a strong driving force and stability. Strong Parts 1308 main brushless motor is stronger with 7.4v 600mAh 25C high rate battery, standard 6 channel transmitter and balance charger. Rotor Clamp Linkage Structure With this, it is with small clearance and flexible rotation. Smart Switch Transmitter supports switching between 3-axis & 6-axis gyro modes and transmitter can switch from Mode 1 to Mode 2, vise versa. 3D Mode 3D Mode activates 3-axis gyro and enables aerobatics such as flips, rolls inverted flight, funnels and tick-tocks. 6-axis Gyro It takes 6-axis gyro, with good flight performance and stability, easy operation, suitable for beginners to flight. Check out all the available coupons and get a discount on the product featured in this video here: Subscribe to our: