The car charger is an essential device for users to conveniently charge their smartphones in the car. There are all kinds of car chargers with different design and price on the market. However, you might be confused for choosing a really good one. Here, I recommend a newly coming car charger that you must like – Philips car charger. But why I recommend this one among thousands of car chargers? Just check more details about it below.

Good design: high quality, new shape, convenient LED indicator light

Shaped as a flashlight, Philips revealed a new generation of car charger combining seamless surface injection molding process technology, ergonomic and convenient. Matching its major target, Philips always ensured its customers by developing the best car chargers by being light, ultra-compact, and made of high quality ABS + PC + stainless steel. Bringing a comfortable and premium feeling, the new car charger features dual USB ports, charging simultaneously any of your devices. In addition, it was majorly improved by an indicator LED, offering you a better vision during the night. Coming with a non-clip clasp, the car charger is functional and ready-to-go, and offer you a new pulse for your new adventures.

Philips car charger design

Convenient charging and wide compatibilities

The Philips car charger can offer you fast and convenient charging experience. Powered by a 12V battery, the car charger is equipped with dual USB ports with the current of 2.1A and 1.0A. Besides, the Philips car charger can charge for mainstream mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc.

Convenient charging and wide compatibilities

Multiple circuit protection

Safety comes first. The Philips car charger offers up to 4 kinds of smart protections to maintain the stable output voltage, such as over current protection, over voltage protection, overheating protection, short circuit protection. So you can rest assured to charge for your devices.    

Multiple circuit protection

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Affordable price

In term of price, the Philips car charger offers an affordable price of $16.99. Coupled with the wonderful using experience and good performance, it really offers good value for money. Even compared with the most of the car chargers in the market, the price is very competitive.

Wrap up

Overall, Philips car charger is an affordable car charger with good performance. With just $16.99, you can get a branded car charger with stunning design, convenient dual USB charging ports and LED indicator light, and better protection for your equipment safety, and so on.