Lisa Gade reviews the Asus ROG G703GX, the early 2019 refresh of this very powerful desktop replacement class gaming laptop with an Intel Core i9-8950HK overclockable 6 core CPU and NVIDIA RTX 2080 graphics. The chassis is similar to the previous generation, with a brushed stainless steel look for the lid and a soft touch finish inside. The notebook PC is available only with the top of the line RTX 2080 dedicated graphics card and a 17.3” IPS full HD 144Hz G-Sync display. You have a choice between the Intel 8th gen Coffee Lake Core i7 and Core i9 CPUs, starting amount of DDR4 2666MHz RAM (16GB or 32GB), number of m.2 SSDs (it has 3 SSD slots) and 2.5” HDD. It has a per key RGB backlit keyboard, a Microsoft Precision trackpad and an ample battery. As always, this video includes teardown an upgrade instructions. Our review loaner was provided by
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